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    Q: How do I become a member?

    A: Click on the [Sign Up] link and complete the form in order to create your account.
    Once your account is created, you can immediately benefit from our membership privileges such as discounts and reward credits.
    Also, it saves you all the hassle of filling out your billing and shipping information every time you place an order since you can save your information securely on our site.


    Q: Can I purchase as a non-member?

    A: Yes, you may. However, we highly recommend you purchase as a member in order to track your parcel and
    better communication in case of unexpected situations.

    Q: Payment Methods?

    Our payment system accepts all general payments methods: VISA/MASTA credit card, Paypal, WECHAT, Alipay, etc.

    Q: Can I make changes to my order?

    A: Before your product is shipped, it is possible to make changes ONLY to your shipping details.

    *Making partial changes to your order is impossible. In this case, you have to cancel your order (ONLY WHEN your order is not shipped yet) and re-order. Once your item is shipped, changes are unavailable.
    *You may check the status of your shipping under 'MY ACCOUNT'  'MY ORDER STATUS".
    *When ordering as a non-member, PLEASE write your mobile number, as all our international delivery is done via FEDEX and if they cannot reach you, delivery might not be possible.


    Q: International Shipping?

    A: Definitely!

    Q: How is international shipping rate calculated?

    A: Regardless of where you are, we provide a fixed rate of $US10 for all orders. However, orders above US0 are free of cost!

    ** NOTE: International shipments may be subject to import taxes, duties, and custom fees, which are levied once the package reaches the country of destination.
    All related fees are the responsibility of the recipient.

    Q: How long does it usually take for me to receive my items?

    A: We are doing our best to deliver items to our lovely Bowers as fast as we can. It takes about 2-3 business days on average for the products to be delivered.
    We only ship on business day(Mon-Fri, excluding public holidays!)

    Our delivery is done via FEDEX EXPRESS in order to delivery our products safely and quickly.
    Once it's dispatched your tracking number will be provided so check your order status.

    * Please contact our CS team( if you still have not received your parcel after one week from the date tracking number is given.

    Q: How do I track my order?

    A: Once your order has been confirmed, you'll receive an email with your delivery details. Also you can check that MY ACCOUNT too!

    Q: Can my shipment be delivered to a PO box?

    A: No, as we deliver via FEDEX EXPRESS, PO box delivery is unavailable. Doing so may delay your shipment or even result in a return.
    Therefore, we advise that you not use a PO box when placing orders.


    Q: Can I get a refund or cancel my order?

    A. Before your order is shipped, refund / cancellation is definitely possible!

    B. Please send us an email ( if you wish to cancel your order before shipping!

    C. you can check the shipping status on MY ACCOUNT - MY ORDER STATUS. Unfortunately, after your order has been shippped, refund/cancellation is unavailable.
    However, if there is a defect, refund/exchange is possible.

    Q: Can I exchange my product after I receive it?

    A: A. For sanitary reasons, exchange is unavailable after you receive your package.
    Exchange / refund is only available before the shipment or in case of defect.

    Q: What should I do if I have received defective or wrongly shipped products?

    A. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

    B. Please email our team ( your order number and a clear photo of the defective / wrongly shipped items WITHIN 48 hours of receiving your package so we can fix the situation.

    NOTE: MISTER BOWER has very high quality control standards and each item is checked 2-3x before being shipped.

    Q: What are MISTER BOWER's STICK-ON nails?

    A: MISTER BOWER's 3 steps / 5 minutes, non-damaging stick-on nails allow anyone to enjoy the perfect gel nails quickly and easily.

    Q: Will they fit me?

    A: MISTER BOWER's stick-on gel nails are all numbered. There are 8 sizes and these sizings are delicately differentiated.

    Q: How to apply?

    1. Find the perfect size according to the labeled numbers

    2. Peel the stick-on tip off the film sheet

    3. Carefully place it on your nails and press it down so it wraps around your nail

    4. Smooth out the stick-on to remove air bubbles and creases

    5. Fold the excess length of the stick-on and using the buffering file included in the package, remove the excess

    Q: How to remove?

    1. Hold the bottom of the stick-on and slowly peel it off

    2. Using a wooden stick makes it easier to remove

    3. You can neatly remove the stickers without irritation with ‘Peel Good Remover’.

    4. Best wear time is 7-10 days

    5. Never force remove the nails

    Q: Durability?

    A: MISTER BOWER's excellent durability allows you to do all daily work - laundry, dishwashing, shower, hair styling, etc.
    Yes, we know our stick-ons stay long but we recommend you remove them after 7days to let your nails rest a bit.


    Q: How can I use the PROMOCODE?

    1. Sign up & Log in

    2. Go to 'MY ACCOUNT'

    3. Find 'COUPONS' under 'MY ORDER STATUS' tab

    4. Enter the PROMOCODE and click 'REGISTER'

    Click @misterbower_official to watch the step-by-step instructions.


Q & A

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