• Mister bower is better than nail salon My review photo is after 1 week later, but it is still durable. I really like mister bower products. In my opinion, this is better than nail salon. I would like to reorder it today! T**** 2021-05-29
  • Nailing it! I received my order today! Very satisfied with the quality of their designs, their service we quick and I would order again. K**** 2020-08-11
  • Quick shipping, great product and a new avid fan! I saw their product on Joanday youtube channel and decided to give it a try. After making the first order, I was suprised with how fast the shipping was. It takes longer just to ship within the United States, let alone this was an international shipment. I was super impressed with the quality of the products. The directions was very straightforward and I like the fact that it was easy to take off. I am the type to be always on the go and this made everything so much easier. It's nice not to make an appointment to the nail salon and I can just do it at the comfort of my home. I just made my second order and had 2 of my friends order as well. Mister Bower definitely got a frequent customer. Thank you for the great products, Mister Bower! F**** 2020-08-05
  • I love it I love it so much #misterbower #nails#미스터바우어-Review from A*** MISTER BOWER 2020-06-16
  • UNBOXING! UNBOXING GEL NAIL STICKERS🥺❤️ @misterbower_official ✨-Review from D*** MISTER BOWER 2020-06-16
  • EASY PRETTY NAILS EASY PRETTY NAILS with @misterbower_official 💅🏻✨❤️! Get your nails ready within 15-20 minutes only😍.Gila kagum sih, karena style nya korea banget, dan sangat TRENDY, plus dia juga banyak size kuku yang bisa kamu pilih.Jadi gakmasalah nih kamu yang punya kuku bagong kayak aku atau punya kuku kecil2 imut, karena every nails will suits in.Untuk ketahanan pemakaian, di aku sih sekitar 5-7 hari ya(karena aku anaknya lagi sering banget cuci sesuatu, entah cuci piring, tangan, macem-macem deh!).Tapi sebenernya dia klaim kalau dia bisa dipakai up to 14 days. Untuk kalian yang tertarik mau beli, mereka sudah bisa shipped out ke luar negri.Cus dipesen dari websitenya langsung!-Review from D*** MISTER BOWER 2020-06-16
  • my nails first!⁠ My table situation when I'm back from teaching TODAY. But before the messy kicks in, perhaps I should glam up my nails first!⁠ Those who know me well enough this table condition is "just for show" as I worked well in "organized" mess until people who cannot tahan will help to clear the mess for me!🤪😜😝😛-Review from J*** MISTER BOWER 2020-06-16
  • my nails sort of match! Kinda wish I got some of those swirls from the condensed milk to appear, but the important thing is that it's delicious. Plus, my nails sort of match!-Review from Q*** MISTER BOWER 2020-06-16
  • I like it! it seems like I have a new color obsession thanks to @misterbower_official-Review from J*** MISTER BOWER 2020-06-16
  • Completed my new set of nails Completed my new set of nails during the weekend using@misterbower_official’s stick on gel nails! Easy and quick self-care methodespecially during the circuit breaker period-Review from O*** MISTER BOWER 2020-06-16
  • you can easily level up your nail game. They're not only dead simple to put on butthey come in a variety of fun designs so youcan easily level up your nail game.-Review from Q*** MISTER BOWER 2020-06-16
  • Eat your greens and wear them too! Eat your greens and wear them too!nail stickers are from @misterbower_official-Review from T*** MISTER BOWER 2020-06-16

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